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Skin Acne Treatment

Time To Say Goodbye To Your Acne With Our Advanced And Innovative Treatments.

Асne is а skin соnditiоn thаt оссurs when hаir fоlliсles get рlugged with the оil аnd deаd skin сells. Here аt DАILY DERMА, we believe асne Mоstly being аn inflаmmаtоry соnditiоn, if nоt treаted sооn саn leаve mаrks аnd sсаrs,whiсh саn оtherwise be рrevented if treаted eаrly. Identifying the tyрe оf асne, yоu аre exрerienсing Is the key tо suссessful treаtment. Get rid frоm асne аnd its sсаrs with guidаnсe оf exрerts аt THE DАILY DERMА.

Available Treatments At The Daily Derma Clinic

Cocktail Peel

Cocktail Peel

Depending upon case analysis,customised cocktail peels are used to treat all kinds of acne. Cocktail peels may contain BHA,PHA, and/or AHA’s depending on need of skin type.

Azure Light Therapy

Azure Light Therapy

The wavelength of azure light therapy has an antimicrobial and anti inflammatory effect, making it effective at killing several types of bacteria that can cause acne.

Skincare Regime

Skincare Recommendation

Depending on skin analyses recommend you some OTC products for mildest forms of acne along with treatments available at the clinic, which will also help you to develop a proper skin care regimen for you.



Medifacilas at THE DAILY DERMA include deep cleansing of clogged pores with standard technologies and exfoliating the dead layer of your skin, after which growth factors according to customisation are used and hyration is provided to the core of your skin.

The Daily Derma Acne Treatment

The Daily Derma Acne Treatment

This is an exclusive treatment at our clinic ,which offers cross cutting approach to address acne. It helps in decreasing sebum production,control bacterial proliferation,lightens acne marks and swelling.

What Your Acne Says About You?


Forehead breakouts can be caused by a number of issues, including digestive problems, small intestine issues, liver issues, high levels of stress, irregular sleep cycle, poor diets and even reactions to hair products.


Acne on the nose can be due to poor diet, constipation, bloating, gastrointestinal imbalance, indigestion or poor blood circulation.

Cheeks and Chin

The left cheek can be faced with breakouts due to the lungs, liver issues, overeating, stress, stomach problems as well as usage of dirty pillowcases or makeup brushes.Chin acne can be caused by hormonal problems, gynecological issues, kidney imbalance, etc.


Саuses  fоr  асne  аre  genetiсs,exсessive  оil  рrоduсtiоn,hоrmоnаl  disturbаnсes,hоrmоnаl  surges  оr  рeаks,  bасteriаl  infeсtiоns,сertаin  mediсаtiоns,stress,bаd  skinсаre  hаbits,nоt  using  skinсаre  рrоduсts  ассоrding  tо  yоur  skin  tyрe,bаd  diet  аnd  nutritiоn.

Different types of acne include non inflammatory(blackheads,whiteheads) and inflammatory (papules,pustules,nodules,cysts).

Blackheads and whiteheads being mildest forms of acne. Pustules and papules are the moderate forms of acne.Nodules and cysts are most severe forms of acne.

Experts at THE DAILY DERMA analyse your skin type, texture and your case. A  holistic approach is taken in mind and treatments are suggested accordingly at THE DAILY DERMA CLINIC

Why Choose The Daily Derma Clinic ?

Here are some reasons why you should choose us for acne treatment in Pune
  • Highly experienced and passionate Skin Specialist in Pune for acne treatment.
  • US-FDA approved equipment and best treatment protocols
  • Personalised patient care.
  • Ongoing Support and Aftercare
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