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Laser Treatment In Amanora

Experience "hair Free" And"smoother" Body With The Daily Derma's Latest Laser Technology.

Laser Treatment in Amanora

Unwanted facial hair, unwanted body hair or excessive hair growth are the most common cause of frustration in both men and women. Androgens are the Hormones that develop hairs on the body of Human. When the Male-female body produces too many androgens than typical, it may develop more hair on the body.

Hormonal imbalance such as PCOS/PCOD is the most common cause of excess body hair in women. Other common causes of excess body hair in women include abnormal menstruation, meditations, etc.

At Daily Derma Clinic we provide Best Laser Treatment in Amanora, Pune

What Makes The Daily Derma's Latest Laser Technology Unique?
  • Fastest Laser Hair Reduction In The World
  • Uses 3 combined wavelengths
  • Painless experience for customers
  • Cuts treatment time by 50%
  • Uses clinically proven 3D technology
  • Super Sized Treatment Area
  • Sapphire contact cooling protection
  • Safe and comfortable
  • Uniform energy distribution.
  • Suits all skin tones
  • Available Treatments At The Daily Derma Clinic

    Full body laser

    Chest Laser

    Beard Shaping


    Face Laser

    Upperlip, Chin, Lower Face


    It is laser hair reduction not laser hair removal, so hair is not removed permanently there is 80% of hair reduction.

    Ideally,it is painless procedure, but you may feel heat or pricking sensation.

    Laser emits light of specific wavelength which absorbs melanin pigment present in hair and damages the hair follicles which are responsible for hair growth, with the help of heat energy. Hence, the further hair growth is reduced.

    THE DAILY DERMA’S Laser probe has sapphire contact cooling technology which maintains the temperature properly and  avoids burns. Laser targets hair follicles so there are no chances of other harm.

    It varies from person to person, hair growth pattern and hair thickness,however minimum 6 – 8 sessions are required for hair reduction.

    We can start doing the laser laser reduction for male and females above 18 years of age.

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